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Vocational Rehabilitation and Return to work Intervention:

Have you had an injury or illness? Are you worried about going back to work? Back2Work Occupational Therapy can help!

Our therapists have specialist training and many years of experience in this field of practice.

We specialise in assessments to determine work fitness but also do rehabilitation to facilitate fast, safe and effective return to work after illness or injury.

Our philosophy is that work is central to who we are as people. It gives meaning and purpose to our lives. Illness or injury often interrupts our ability to perform our work duties but should not limit function more than necessary. Early assessment and rehabilitation make recovery a reality and allows patients to regain their sense of independence and self-worth.

Back2Work Occupational Therapy assists with assessments to determine fitness for work, make recommendations about reasonable accommodation, assessments as part of insurance claims, functional capacity evaluations, pre-employment assessments, and workplace-based intervention. We also provide work rehabilitation services and patient specific return to work programs. We also provide injury prevention training, job analysis and job matching, risk assessments, ergonomic assessments and setup, consultancy services, worksite visits and case management services.

Functional Capacity Evaluations:

A functional capacity evaluation is a specialized assessment which compares the individual’s health status, and body functions and structures to the demands of the job and the work environment.

These assessments evaluate the individual’s physical, cognitive and psycho-emotional capacity to meet the demands of their occupation, and a comprehensive report is produced to deliver the findings.

Subacute Rehabilitation (PAARL, STELLENBOSCH, BLOUBERG)

Our therapists at Paarl provide services at Spescare Subacute Hospital.

Subacute rehabilitation is complete inpatient care for someone suffering from an illness or injury with the express purpose to improve function and independence and facilitate safe discharge. Conditions treated include stroke, long term ICU recovery, heart attacks, joint replacements, spinal surgery, fractures, neurological conditions, falls and many more.

Inpatient treatment is often continued on an outpatient basis.

In-patient rehabilitation (BELLVILLE, PAARL)

Being in hospital can be overwhelming and many conditions may have an impact on your ability to participate in the activities that provide meaning and value in your life. Occupational Therapy can help!

Back2Work Occupational Therapy provides treatment for patients in ICU, in the acute medical or surgical wards and in the subacute setting.

If you or a family member have been admitted with a fracture, for a joint replacement, with a stroke, heart attack, spinal cord injury, burns or really any condition that limits your independence and ability to do the things you want to and need to do – ask your doctor to refer you to an occupational therapist.

Outpatient rehabilitation: (TYGERVALLEY, PAARL)

Occupational therapists help people across their lifespan participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities.

Unlike other professions, occupational therapy helps people function in all their environments and addresses the physical and cognitive aspects of their well-being through engagement in occupation. This can mean regaining skills that will improve your independence, learning new ways to do everyday tasks, despite an illness or injury, making recommendations for adaptive equipment, or educating caregivers on how to assist their family members.

Conditions treated include:

    • Stroke and other neurological conditions
    • Brain injuries
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Amputations
    • Burns
    • Hand and upper limb injuries
    • Fractures
    • Joint replacements
    • Arthritis
    • Pain conditions
    • Mental Health conditions

Post-Covid Rehabilitation (TYGERVALLEY, PAARL, PANORAMA)

COVID-19 has now affected millions of people around the world, but we are only now starting to see the long-term impact.

Fatigue, anxiety, decreased mobility, memory loss, pain and difficulty returning to work are only some of the long term effects seen in patients who have had COVID, both those who were hospitalized and those who managed the disease at home.

If you are struggling physically or emotionally with the impact of COVID, contact us.

Mental Health Services (Clinical and Corporate) – (TYGERVALLEY, PAARL)

Mental health is a state of well-being in which every individual his or her potential, can cope with the daily stresses of life, can work productively and make a positive contribution to their community.

Mental illness can have an impact on mood, participation in previously valued activities, ability to work, cognitive function and ability to cope with life.

All of us have periods where our mental health is not at its best – life is difficult!

Occupational Therapy can help with depression, anxiety, stress management, emotional regulation, distress tolerance and much more.

Back2Work Occupational Therapy offers individual and group intervention for outpatients. This includes:

    • Full Functional Capacity Evaluations
    • Outpatient Screening Evaluations
    • Inpatient Cognitive and Work Readiness Assessments
    • Work Rehabilitation and Return-to-Work programs
    • Progressive Goal Attainment ProgramTM
    • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Skills-Groups


In South Africa, approximately 1 in every 5 people have some form of chronic pain with back and neck pain being by far the most prominent and having the most significant functional impact.

Chronic pain can lead to increased dependency on others, loss of worker and family roles, and difficulty participating in everyday activities. Sleep problems, depression, anxiety, social isolation, and overall reduced quality of life are common issues facing people with chronic pain.

Occupational therapy is a necessary and core component of any comprehensive pain rehabilitation program.

Back2Work Occupational Therapy forms part of the interdisciplinary team at the Anodyne Pain Clinic.

Intervention strategies include:

    • Pain Neuroscience Education
    • Goal setting and Pacing
    • Adaptation of activities of daily living
    • Relaxation therapy, mindfulness, stress management
    • Sensory profiling
    • Group intervention
    • Work intervention
    • Case management

Pain Self-Management Group Intervention

    • Do you have pain that impacts your quality of life?
    • Do you sometimes feel you are alone and no one understands what you are going through?
    • Do you want to make some changes to your life?
    • Would you like to learn how to manage your pain better with less need for medication or intervention?


This is an interactive, 6-week course which provides knowledge and skill for patients to manage their own chronic health condition effectively. It is a cost-effective way in which to receive expert intervention and learn about their medical condition with others who can provide support and understand. It is a safe environment in which to practice new skills and learn from the experience of others.

By the end of the program participants will have knowledge about the following topics:

– What is pain?

– Pain and Exercise

– Pain and stress

– Mindfulness/Relaxation and dealing with anxiety

– Pain and diet

– Pain and medication

– Continuing as a successful self-manager

This course provides all the tools you need to manage your own health effectively and live a good quality life despite your health condition! Contact us to find out when the next course starts!


Occupational Therapy@Home

Functional rehabilitation is often more beneficial when performed in the patient’s own home. The therapists at Back2Work Occupational Therapy perform home visits when patients’ are unable to attend an appointment at the practice or if there are specific goals that can be achieved by seeing the patient in their own home.

Services include:

    • Environmental assessments including falls risk assessment and home adaptation assessments
    • Functional orthopaedic rehabilitation at home
    • Functional Neurological rehabilitation at home
    • Assessments to evaluate the need for hospital admission
    • Carer training

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